General Rules and Regulations

  • Dress Code: Collared shirts are required for all Male golfers. No T-shirts, or cut off shorts will be allowed on the golf course).
  • Cool Creek does not allow the use of metal spikes
  • Any golf ball leaving our property is the responsibility of the golfer. PLEASE be honest in the case of an accident caused by your golf ball and the property of others.
  • Please repair all ball marks and divots and return golf carts in the same condition that you received them.
  • P.L.C.B FORBIDS consumption of any alcoholic beverages not furnished by Cool Creek Golf Club. Personal coolers are allowed if containing non- alcoholic beverages or snacks however, personal alcohol is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • PACE OF PLAY standard is 4 hrs. and 15 minutes. If your group is not capable of such a pace it is suggested that you play after 4pm on a Weekend.