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Cool Creek Golf Professionals

Nate Blanchette

PGA / General Manager

Nate Blanchette is an active member of the PGA of America and has been teaching the game of golf for 20 years. Keeping in mind that there is not a singular way to teach the game of golf, Nate interviews each student prior to their 1st lesson. This interview will include questions pertaining to their goals and expectations within the game of golf. Based on the pre-lesson interview a regiment will be created for that particular student giving them the best opportunity to achieve success. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome, the only thing required is a positive attitude and commitment to improvement.

Nancy Hostetter

LPGA / Head Golf Instructor

Nancy has been an instructor at Heritage Hills and Springwood Golf Club for many years before moving to Cool Creek Golf Club. Nancy has attended many LPGA seminars on teaching and is a very accomplished and respected teacher in the area.

Nathan Baadte

PGA Apprentice / Pro

During his high school golf days Nathan fell in love with the game of golf and decided to take that passion and create a career out of it. Working at various public and private courses in the region Nathan had a chance to teach many students of all ages and to shadow many veteran instructors. Whether you’re just starting golf or you’re trying to win your next amateur tournament Nathan will bring the passion and knowledge to get your game to where it needs to be!